Resolutions adopted by the Parliamentary Assembly TWENTY-SEVENTH ORDINARY SESSION

RESOLUTION 615 (1976)1
on the situation in Cyprus
(General policy of the Council of Europe)

The Assembly,

  1. Recalling its Recommendation 759, on the situation in Cyprus, adopted unanimously on 24 April 1975;
  2. Reaffirming its intention to keep the Cyprus problem permanently on its agenda, and to pursue its efforts to promote a fair solution acceptable to all parties;
  3. Welcoming the declarations by all the parties concerned to restart during February 1976 the intercommunal negotiations on Cyprus adjourned on 10 September 1975 without any agreement;
  4. Reaffirming its conviction, constantly reiterated since 29 July 1974, that direct negotiations between the Greek Cypriot and the Turkish Cypriot communities are the most appropriate way to reach agreement on the principles of a future political settlement acceptable to Greek Cypriots as well as Turkish Cypriots and providing the basis for a just, lasting and peaceful solution which is beneficial to the whole population of Cyprus;
  5. Expressing its wholehearted support for the United Nations peacekeeping action in Cyprus, and in particular for the important role played by the Secretary General, Mr. Kurt Waldheim, on the occasion of the intercommunal negotiations;
  6. Urges all parties directly concerned to refrain from any action which might prejudice or render more difficult the intercommunal negotiations;
  7. Calls on the Council of Europe member states:
  8. to contribute to the aid programmes of the international organisations concerned, and to support all their efforts to guarantee the security and ease the suffering of the Cyprus population;
  9. to make adequate use of the Committee of Ministers as a forum for discussion and exchange of views in a climate of frankness and confidence between the member states directly involved in the Cyprus problem;
  10. Appeals to the representatives of the two Cypriot communities to resume the intercommunal negotiations as soon as possible with a view to working out a formula for political coexistence between Greek Cypriots and Turkish Cypriots in a demilitarised Cyprus, which retains its territorial integrity and remains independent and sovereign;
  11. Calls on Greece and Turkey to back all efforts undertaken to ensure the success of the intercommunal talks, and to promote any solution freely negotiated by the Greek Cypriot and Turkish Cypriot communities.

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