The European Parliament of the European Union.

RESOLUTION 15.3.1990
On the current Cyprus situation:

The European Parliament,

Aware that for the last 15 years the island of Cyprus has been illegally divided,

Aware that the European Commission in its opinion of 17.12.89 states firmly that the Cyprus problem influences particularly the political terms of the request for Turkish accession to the EC,

Noting the many previous demands of the European Parliament for a just solution to the Cyprus problem,

Acknowledging the political, cultural and religious complexity of the problems of Cyprus,

Believing that the overwhelming majority of both Turkish and Greek Cypriots desire a peaceful and united Cyprus which guarantees the political, civil and human rights to ALL Cypriots,

Supporting the dedicated and positive efforts which have been made by the SecretaryGeneral of the United Nations to convene negotiations between the President of Cyprus, Mr. George Vassiliou, and Mr. Rauf Denktash,

Appreciating the positive negotiating stance being taken by the President of the Republic of Cyprus,

Condemning the actions of Mr. Denktash to attempt to alter the Secretary-General's mandate which led to the collapse of the UN initiative of Wednesday 28th February,

Further condemning the detention of five young Greek Cypriots in the disengaged zone by the Turkish occupation forces,

Believing that the vast majority of Turkish Cypriots also deplore the spoiling tactics of Mr. Denktash,

Calls on the President of the Parliament to:

Urge Member States to make their voice heard in opposition to the Denktash moves in New York;

Urge the Turkish Government to demonstrate the will and the spirit of cooperation with a view to resuming the intra-community negotiations according to international law and the resolutions of the UN so as to find an acceptable solution to the Cyprus problem;

Ask the Foreign Ministers Meeting in Political Cooperation to consider how best to give support to those progressive Turkish Cypriot community leaders who are prepared to negotiate honestly with the Cyprus Government under the auspices of the UN;

Demand the immediate release of the young people illegally imprisoned by the Turkish occupation forces;

Urge the Cypriots to maintain the dignity which has characterised their cause by remaining calm in a climate of growing tension;

Call on the Foreign Ministers to present regular reports to the Parliament on their actions to promote a just solution to the Cyprus problem.


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