The European Parliament of the European Union.

RESOLUTION 17.11.1983
on the 'declaration of independence' by the Turkish Cypriot sector of Cyprus

The European Parliament,

  1. having regard to the extremely critical situation facing Cyprus,
  2. whereas the United Nations Secretary-General has taken the initiative of proposing a solution to this grave problem on the basis of a dialogue between the two communities,
  3. affirming its resolutions upholding the independence, integrity and unity of Cyprus as a Member State of the United Nations Organization,
  4. Condemns the action taken by the Turkish Cypriot sector to declare an independent Turkish Cypriot State in Cyprus;
  5. Calls on all the parties concerned to support the initiative of the UN Secretary-General;
  6. Invites the Council of Ministers to take all the necessary measures so that this action by the Turkish Cypriot sector remains null and void;
  7. Instructs its President to forward this resolution to the Commission, Council, the Foreign Ministers Meeting in Political Cooperation, the Governments of the 10 Member States of the Community, the Turkish Government and the UN Secretary-General.

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