The European Parliament of the European Union.

RESOLUTION 11.1.1983
on the missing persons in Cyprus

The European Parliament,

  1. Recalling the resolutions adopted by the United Nations concerning the problem of Cyprus since 1974, both as regards a solution to the general problem and as regards the fate of missing persons who disappeared after July 20, 1974,
  2. Recognising that families who still do not know the fate of those who are missing have been enduring great suffering for the last eight years as well as uncertainty as to their personal and legal status,
  3. Considering that every effort must be made by all those concerned to bring this suffering and uncertainty to a conclusion with all possible speed,
  4. Confirming that the fundamental aspect of this problem is exclusively humanitarian,
  5. Affirming the inalienable right of all families to know the fate of a member of their family who has involuntarily disappeared due to the action of governments or their agents,
  6. Recalling that the ten-member states of the European Community, Cyprus and Turkey are High Contracting Parties to the European Convention on Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms, with all the consequent legal obligations,
  7. Having regard to the motion for a resolution by Mr. Bournias and others (doc. 1-34/81 rev.) concerning missing persons in Cyprus,
  8. Having regard to the motion for a resolution by Mrs Pruvot (doc. 1-348/81 on the situation in Cyprus,
  9. Having regard to the Report of the Political Affairs Committee,
  10. Urges the Committee on Missing Persons, established pursuant to UN resolutions, to meet and proceed with all investigations required;
  11. Urges the International Committee of the Red Cross to provide all assistance necessary for the speedy and effective completion of these investigations so that the families of the missing persons may be convinced of their results;
  12. Calls for the maximum cooperation between all the parties concerned, including the granting of access for the rapid conclusion of these investigations;
  13. Supports the Working Group on Enforced and Involuntary Disappearances, set up by the UN Commission on Human Rights, in its attempts to achieve a solution to the problem of missing persons;
  14. Recognises that the enjoyment of full human rights and fundamental freedoms as well as economic and social progress throughout the island will not be possible until the withdrawal of all foreign armed forces from the Republic of Cyprus;
  15. Recognises also that further delay in solving the problem of missing persons impedes an early and peaceful solution of the problem of Cyprus as a whole;
  16. Decides to monitor the progress made on this item;
  17. Instructs the President to transmit this resolution to the Council of Ministers, to the Foreign Ministers in Political Cooperation, to the UN Secretary-General and to his Special Representative in Cyprus, to the governments of Cyprus and of Turkey, requesting the Foreign Ministers in Political Cooperation to report to the Parliament on progress made towards resolving this problem by June 1983.

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