The European Parliament of the European Union.

on cooperation and contacts between the European Parliament and the House of Representatives of Cyprus.

The European Parliament,

Proposes that:

  1. Delegations of the European Parliament and the House of Representatives of the Republic of Cyprus shall jointly constitute the body foreseen, in the first Joint Declaration annexed to the Association Agreement;
  2. The Delegation of the European Parliament shall take the form of a permanent Delegation of the Committee on External Economic Relations consisting of fourteen members;
  3. The Delegation of the House of Representatives of Cyprus shall consist of seven members, of whom five shall represent the Greek-Cypriot Community and two the Turkish-Cypriot Community, with the option of seven substitute members being appointed in the same proportion;
  4. This joint body shall meet, in principle, twice a year;
  5. The Cypriot members shall have access to the relevant committees of the European Parliament, whenever necessary, by invitation in conformity with the opinion of the legal Affairs Committee (Doc. 31.1.68) adopted by the Enlarged Bureau on 14 February 1973 and in the light of paragraph 2 of Rule 40 of the Rules of Procedure;
  6. The joint body shall be competent to consider all matters mentioned in the existing Association Agreement and all matters relating to the future of the Communities;
  7. The above arrangements shall be implemented as from 1 November 1973, should a constitutional Agreement be reached between the Greek Cypriot and Turkish Cypriot communities. In the event that such an Agreement is not reached before that date the question of parliamentary contacts shall be reviewed by the European Parliament and the House of Representatives of Cyprus at that time with a view to implementing informal arrangements as early as possible equivalent to those detailed above;
  8. Requests its President to transmit this motion for a Resolution and the explanatory memorandum to the Council of the EEC/Cyprus Association, to the Council and the Commission of the European Communities and to the Government and House of Representatives of Cyprus.

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