New Recourse to U.N. Security Council - Resolution 550

The situation in Cyprus continued to deteriorate. Turkey and the puppet Turkish Cypriot leadership consistently violated resolution 541 and threatened with new faits accomplis.
In view of the grave situation the Government of Cyprus after consultation with all political parties decided on April 10 to appeal to the Security Council requesting it once again to take under its responsibility the peace and security of the state of Cyprus.
Denktash responded to the recourse to the Security Council by threatening to colonize the Greek sector of the city of Famagusta (Varosha), part of which he proposed to return to the Greek Cypriots earlier on, and by demanding from the United Nations the signing of separate agreements with his "state" for the renewal of the UNFICYP mandate.
On May 11, 1984, the Security Council overwhelmingly approved resolution 550 on Cyprus with 13 votes in favour (the former USSR, France, China, Great Britain, India, Egypt, Peru, Ukraine, Upper Volta now Burgino Faso, the Netherlands, Malta, Nicaragua and Zimbabwe) and only one vote against that of Pakistan. The United States abstained1.
This resolution, which is one of the strongest secured by Cyprus to date, "condemns all secessionist actions, including the purported exchange of ambassadors between Turkey and the pseudo-state, declares them illegal and invalid and calls for their immediate withdrawal", "reiterates the call upon all states not to recognise the purported state of the 'Turkish Republic of Cyprus' set up by the secessionist acts and calls upon them not to facilitate or in any way assist the aforesaid secessionist entity".
The resolution also "considers attempts to settle any part of Varosha by people other than its inhabitants as inadmissible and calls for the transfer of this area to the administration of the United Nations".
Moreover, the Security Council requests the Secretary-General to promote the urgent implementation of Security Council resolution 541/1983 and the present resolution and to undertake new efforts to attain an overall solution to the Cyprus problem in conformity with the principles of the Charter of the United Nations and the provisions of such a settlement laid down in the United Nations resolutions.


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