Recourse to General Assembly Session XXIX

During its 29th Session, in November 1974, the U.N. General Assembly adopted unanimously resolution 3212 which provided the framework for a solution to the Cyprus problem. In its key provision it calls for the respect of the sovereignty, independence, territorial integrity and non-alignment of the Republic of Cyprus, for the speedy withdrawal of all foreign armed forces from the Republic, the cessation of all foreign interference, and for the taking of urgent measures for the return of the refugees to their homes in safety. The resolution of the General Assembly was endorsed by the Security Council in its resolution 365 (1974) of 13 December 1974, and thus its implementation was made mandatory.
Turkey, however, although one of the countries voting for the resolution refused to comply with any of its provisions.
Meanwhile, on 10 February 1975 the Greek Cypriot side, in an effort to enter into meaningful negotiations with the Turkish Cypriot side to find a peaceful and viable solution to the Cyprus problem sent to the Turkish Cypriot side proposals for a Cyprus settlement based on the U.N. resolutions.
The Greek Cypriot proposals aimed at safeguarding the interests - political and economic - and safety of both communities and the inalienable right of all refugees to return to their homes in safety, without resorting to an artificial geographical division of the island with all the adverse effects which such a division would entail on the economy and lives of the people1.
The Turkish reply to these was a statement on 13 February 1975, announcing the establishment of the "Turkish Federated State of Cyprus" ("T.F.S.C.") - an action denounced by the international community. The Security Council by its resolution 367 (1975) of 12 March 1975 after recalling its previous resolutions and particularly resolution 365 (1974), regretted this unilateral action and affirmed that such action could in no way prejudge the final political settlement of the Cyprus problem. The resolution also called for the urgent and effective implementation of all parts and provisions of General Assembly resolution 3212 (XXIX) endorsed by Security Council resolution 365 (1974). Turkey ignored this resolution and her own solemn undertakings once again. This Turkish move proved once more the insistence on the predetermined goal of Ankara for partition and eventual annexation.


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