U.N. Mediation

The United Nations has been continuously involved in the Cyprus problem since 1964 both in the Security Council and in the General Assembly. In March 1964, under Security Council resolution 186 (1964), a U.N. Peace-Keeping Force (UNFICYP) was sent to the island (originally for three months, but following separate extensions, it is still on the island), to help restore peace and normal conditions. A mediator, originally Mr. Tuomioya of Finland and later Dr. Galo Plaza of Ecuador, was appointed by the U.N. SecretaryGeneral in March 1965.
In his report, Dr. Galo Plaza stated that the problem of Cyprus could not be resolved by attempting to restore the situation which existed before December 1963, but that a new solution had to be found which would be consistent with the provisions of the United Nations Charter. In particular, he concluded, inter alia, that the solution should satisfy the wishes of the majority of the population and at the same time provide for the adequate protection of the legitimate rights of all the people. (Doc. S/62555, para. 130) This report, which could have formed a reasonable basis for the solution of the problem, was rejected by Turkey and Dr. Plaza's mediation efforts came to an end.


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