New Recourse to the United Nations

The Cyprus Government had no other alternative but to make a new recourse to the U.N. General Assembly. The debate on Cyprus was held in November 1976. The General Assembly adopted by an overwhelming majority a resolution reiterating full support for the sovereignty, independence, territorial integrity and non-alignment of Cyprus and calling for cessation of all foreign interference in its affairs. The General Assembly also expressed the hope that the Security Council would consider appropriate steps for the implementation of previous U.N. resolutions. The General Assembly dealt again with the Cyprus problem in 1977 and on 9 November adopted resolution 32/15 calling for the urgent and effective implementation of resolution 3212 and for the urgent resumption in a meaningful and constructive manner of the negotiations between the representatives of the two communities to be conducted freely on the basis of comprehensive and concrete proposals of the parties concerned with a view to reaching as early as possible a mutually acceptable agreement based on their fundamental and legitimate rights. The General Assembly recommended that the Security Council should keep the question of Cyprus under constant review and adopt all practical means to promote the effective implementation of its relevant resolutions in all their aspects1.


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