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The Author

[ Nikolaos Martis ]
Nikolaos Martis

Nicolas K. Martis was born (1915) in the village of Moustheni (Kavala, Macedonia).

He studied Law at the University of Thessaloniki and has been a practising lawyer in Kavala and since 1961 in Athens.

He took part in the battle along the Macedonian fortified positions during the German invasion of 1941. He escaped almost immediately to the Near East and he took part in the battles of El Alamein (Africa) and Rimini (Italy), and in the battle of Athens (December 1944).

He was elected Member of Parliament seven times and he served as Secretary General in the Ministry for Northern Greece (1955-1956), Assistant Minister (Undersecretary) of the Ministry of Commerce (1956-1958), Minister of Industry (1958-1961), Minister for Northern Greece (1974-1981).

Nicolas Martis is the author of the "The falsification of Macedonian History", a book which has been awarded an Athens Academy award and has been translated into seven languages (British, French, German, Italian, Russian, Polish and Spanish).

The last edition contains new data from Hebrew Sources (the Bible, the Book of Maccabees, the Talmud as well as Jewish writers, Josephus, Philo of Alexandria and others, confirming the Greek Identity of Macedonia.

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