Negotiations resumed in late-February 2004, after the parties agreed to begin a final intensive effort to bring about peace. Pursuant to the New York Agreement of 13 February 2004, the Secretary-General's Special Advisor on Cyprus, Alvaro de Soto, facilitated meetings between the parties in Nicosia from 19 February until 21 March 2004. Final negotiations were then conducted from 24-31 March 2004 in Bürgenstock, Switzerland, with the participation of the Secretary-General himself and the collaboration of Greece and Turkey. The people will now have the opportunity to vote on the Annan Plan, at separate simultaneous referenda to be held on 24 April 2004. If the plan is approved by a majority of Greek Cypriots and a majority of Turkish Cypriots, a United Cyprus Republic will join the European Union on 1 May 2004.

For information about the negotiations, follow the links below:

The Secretary-General's Report on negotiations prior to April 2003
The Agreement to resume negotiations, 13 February 2004, New York
Remarks by the Secretary-General upon presenting his final plan, 31 March 2004, Bürgenstock
Press Conference by Alvaro de Soto, 31 March 2004, Bürgenstock
Briefing to the UN Security Council by Alvaro de Soto, 2 April 2004, New York

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