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The Hellenic Resources Institute

The goal of the Hellenic Resources Institute is to create a link between the Greek public policy maker and academicians, professionals, entrepreneurs and scientists of the international community.

There are more than six million Greeks found in dozens of countries around the world, many of whom have made valuable contributions in the fields of politics, academia, business and science. These achievements have brought them into constant contact with high technology, information, expert knowledge, and decision making centers.

The Hellenic Resources Institute mobilizes and utilizes their expertise and resources in order to fortify the public policy and decision-making processes in Greece, on issues such as the economy, education, health and foreign policy.

The Hellenic Resources Institute is a non-profit organization which was founded in May, 1993, by a group of young Greek academics and professionals. HRI is based in Cambridge, Massachusetts and Athens, Greece and its scope of operations encompasses all countries in which there is an identifiable ``nucleus of Hellenic resources. The institute is comprised of a Board of Trustees, an Advisory Assembly and an Executive Body, and oversees and monitors a number of autonomous project-based groups, whose work deals with specific issues relating to Greece.


Guiding Principles

The Hellenic Resources Institute is committed to:

Hellenic Resources Groups - HRGs

The Executive Body, working in cooperation with the Board of Trustees and the Advisory Assembly solicits and identifies projects that fall within the scope of the Institute's goals. These projects are carried out by Hellenic Resources Groups (HRGs). The HRGs are autonomous, project-oriented groups, comprised of multi-disciplinary teams of experts who gather to address, research and make recommendations on a particular group project. The structure and size of these groups is determined by the members of each HRG.

Accomplishments and Future Projects

There are currently ten active HRGs. These groups explore and produce public policy analysis, prepare reports, organize conferences, seminars, debates and coordinate a network that channels information to and from Greece.

In the past year, one of the successfully completed projects undertaken by HRI was the coordination of a visit by members of the Greek parliament representing three of the five major political parties of Greece. The scope of this project was to engage the MPs participation in a series of academic seminars on international negotiations and conflict resolution in the Balkans. This event, which was sponsored by the Hellenic Resources Institute, provided the Greek MPs with the opportunity to discuss Greek issues with academic experts in Massachusetts and practitioners in Washington.

For the second year, HRI has scheduled a new round of visits by Greek MPs, who will follow seminars on issues relating to Greek foreign policy. Furthermore, HRI has initiated the development of HR-Net, an information network designed to link Greece with the InterNet electronic network, and facilitate the daily exchange of pertinent information between Greece and Greeks abroad. The first phase of the project will link the Hellenic Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Hellenic Ministry of Education, the Embassy of Greece in Washington and the Greek House of Parliament.

HR-Net will be used to gather news pertaining to Greece from the US, and to distribute news from Greece in the US. Access to the information transferred via this network will be offered to any group or individual whose goals are shared by HRI.

The People of HRI

Academicians, political figures, professionals and students provide the Hellenic Resources Institute with their knowledge, research potential, access to modern information media and contacts with scientists, researchers and experts of international stature. The members of HRI believe that Greece can and must utilize all its resources, regardless of their location, to the benefit and for the advancement of policies vital to the progress of Greece.
Hellenic Resources Institue Board of Trustees:

M. Dukakis, M. Stearns
Hellenic Resources Institute Advisory Assembly:

A. Anagnostopoulos, D. Bertsimas, V. Calotychos, D. Chigas, E. Clapsis,
P. Frankudakis, P. Georgiou, P. Ioannou, E. Konstantellou, N. Mitropoulos,
K. Nicolaidis, Z. Palexas, T. Panayotou, H. Pothoulakis, D. Skiotis, K. Tsipis,
J. Tsitsiklis
Hellenic Resources Institute Executive Body:

D. Anagnostopoulos, D. Arhontidis, M. Charalambous, N. Covas, C. Dellarocas,
A. Drouza, D. Keridis, A. Kouris, S. Kyriakopoulos, A. Moustakas, S. Panera, D. Paneras, N. Patsis, N. Stathopoulos,
T. Varvitsiotis

For further information, please contact the Hellenic Resources Institute at the following locations:

Hellenic Resources Institute
P.O.Box 380912
Cambridge, MA 02238 USA
Tel.:(617) 497-4542
Fax: (617) 424-7879

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