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Every day, huge amounts of information vital to Greek interests pass through the Internet. Such information includes articles of the international press about Greece and its neighbors, important documents and resolutions of international organizations (such as the UN, NATO, OSCE, the World Bank, etc.), as well as propaganda transmitted by neighboring states such as FYROM and Turkey. The Internet is also a tremendously rich source of up-to-date scientific information in all imaginable disciplines. Until now, Greek public policy institutions had no way to access and respond to that information.

HR-Net aims to make that wealth of information easily accessible to important Greek public policy making institutions, such as the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Education, the Greek Embassy in Washington, D.C. and the Greek Parliament. Conversely, it will enable Greek public policy to make its positions and announcements electronically available to the dynamic and ever expanding global Internet community (currently numbering over 15 million). Some of our neighbors (e.g. FYROM) are already making aggressive use of that opportunity to promote their positions.

HR-Net is centered around dedicated Internet sites to which end-users (Greek public policy makers) will be able to connect in order to access a number of valuable services, including: Databases of international press articles relevant to Greece; easy navigation to valuable Internet repositories of foreign policy-related information (for example the U.S. Department of State Foreign Affairs Network); propaganda and other information transmitted by neighboring states such as Turkey, FYROM, and Bulgaria.

In addition, HR-Net will provide the Greek Ministry of Education with easy access to the distinguished community of Greek academics and researchers living abroad, as well as with the ability to communicate its positions and initiatives to a growing and dynamic part of the Greek Diaspora. In order to insure the success of a project of such scale, we will deploy the full services of HR-Net in stages. During the first stage, we will create a first HR-Net site, located in Boston, which will provide an initial set of information services to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Athens. As both we and our users gain more experience with the potential of the system, we plan to expand by creating a second node in Athens (for faster access), serve more public policy institutions (Greek Consulates, the Ministry of Press and Information, etc.) and expand our range of services.

HRI is fully committed to this innovative project whose net effect will be, not only to increase the strength of the voice of Greece around the globe, but also to enable our public policy making institutions to function and compete as equals in tomorrow's age of information-based diplomacy.

Those interested in the HR-Net project should contact Demetrios Paneras or Nikos Patsis at the Hellenic Resources Institute, P.O. Box 380912, Cambridge, MA 02238.

Status: In Progress

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