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AUGUST 1st-7th, 2003]

The Conference is under the Aegis of the President of the Hellenic Republic and the direction of an International Academic Committee.

In addition to our First Circular, which has been distributed earlier, we would like to inform the participants of the Fifteenth International Conference on Greek Philosophy about the following:

1. The conference will take place in the Municipality of Stagira and Akanthos (ancient Stagira-Olympias, Ierissos and Ouranoupolis). The municipality of Stagira is named after the ancient Stagira, the birthplace of Aristotle, which is adjacent to a small town called Olympias. Ancient Stagira was discovered by archaeologists in 1994, at the time when the IAGP Conference on Aristotle's political Philosophy was conducted, so the participants in that Conference were the first to visit this very important site. By now, a large part of the ancient Stagira has already been excavated. The whole area is very well-known for its clear blue sea and breathtaking views and landscapes, and is a memorable place to visit, particularly for philosophers. The Conference participants will, of course, visit the site during the Conference.

The decision to hold the Conference in Northern Greece and particularly in the Halkidiki area has been prompted by the fact that the XXI World Congress of Philosophy will take place in Istambul, so that those who will be taking part in the World Congress of Philosophy can more easily reach their destination, either by plane, or by train and by bus from Thessaloniki and other towns of Northern Greece.

2. The venue of almost all Conference sessions will be the Hotel AKRATHOS, situated in Halkidiki, 125 kilometers from Thessaloniki and approximately 3 kilometers away from the town of Ouranoupolis. AKRATHOS is a First class hotel situated 90 meters from the sea. More information on the AKRATHOS Hotel is available at: and TEL. +3023770- 71100, 71156, FAX. +3023770- 71164.

3. To reach the Hotel one can take the bus from Thessaloniki (68 Karakasi Str., Charilaou District - Main Office of KTEL of Halkidiki, TEL: +302310-924444) to Ouranoupolis. One has to request a stop at the Hotel AKRATHOS. Participants are requested to send the Travel Form (No 10) to the Secretariat of the Conference.

4. Since the Conference will be taking place in the Municipality of Stagira, and particularly at the Hotel AKRATHOS, which is only two miles away from the border of the self-governed Monastic Politeia, we have a rare opportunity to visit this place famous for its Byzantine heritage and more than thousand years of cultural and Orthodox religious history, as well as for its unspoiled natural environment. Therefore, a one-day excursion will be organized, for men only, to the Holy Mount Athos during the Conference (Form No 11). The Excursion will comprise visits to a number of monasteries. For the participants in the Excursion to the Holy Mount Athos who are aliens (i.e. who have not Greek Citizenship), it is necessary that they provide an entry Visa well on advance (Form No12) and Fees (15 Euros per person ). All the necessary actions for the issuing of the Visa and organising the excursion will be done by the Secretariat of the Conference provided that the application is sent, Visa fees and the transport fees (total amount:40. 00 euros) paid in due time. Once inside the monastic state of Athos, free lunch will be provided, so there will be no further expenses for the participants. Lunch will be served in one of the Monasteries in the traditional way and with the traditional dishes.

5. At the same time, the ladies of the Conference (and of course other poeple who wiil not participate in the excursion to Holy Mount Athos) will have the opportunity to sail along the shores of the Holy Mount Athos and spend a day at the nearby Amouliani Island (Form No 13) where they may swim and enjoy the marvelous beaches of the island. The total amount of Fees for the excursion is 30.00 euros.

6. It is also planned another daily excursion (see Form No 14 ) to Thessaloniki, Vergina and Dion, centres of the Greek civilisation of the Macedonia of Philip and Alexander the Great. The cost for participation is approximately 40.00 euros.

7. Concerning accommodation (see Form No 9), a number of the Conference participants will be able to stay at the AKRATHOS Hotel. Others may stay at the nearby ARISTOTELIS Hotel or at the hotels in Ouranoupolis and Nea Roda. The Organising Committee will do its best to help with the hotel reservations, provided that the Accommodation Form and Fees are sent to the Committee as early as possible.

With kind regards
Professor Konstantine Boudouris
President of the Organising Committee

Forms: No. 9, No. 10, No. 11, No. 12, No. 13, No. 14