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KAVALA-GREECE: 20th -27th JULY 2006

In addition to our First Circular, which has been distributed earlier, we would like to inform the participants of the 18th International Conference of Philosophy of matters relating to the Conference (commencement, venue, sessions, excursions etc.).

1. The Organizing Committee has decided to extend the deadline for submitting the Participation Form No.1 for all those who wish to apply for participation in Conference. The reason for this extension is that, since only recently the particulars of the Conference was finalized (for example visit to Abdera, Philippi and Thasos) philosophers and other colleagues may be particularly interested to participate in the Conference now. So ,the participants will have the rare opportunity not only to visit Ancient Philippi, but also go to Ancient Abdera, the birthplace of Leukippus, Democritus and Protagoras.

The new deadline is February 28th, 2006 .

2. The conference will take place in the Municipality of KAVALA, a amphitheatrical and overlooking the sea town in the North part of Greece, which is located near the ancient city of Amphipolis, where the great Historian Thucydides has spent a part of his life , near the Ancient City of Philippi and of course not very far away from the birth place of the famous philosophers Leukippus, Democritus and Protagoras. The whole area is very well-known for its clear blue sea and breathtaking views and landscapes, and is a memorable place to visit, particularly for philosophers. The Conference participants will, of course, visit these sites during the Conference. The venue of almost all Conference sessions will be the Hotel LUCY (2 Yakinthou Str., Kalamitsa- 65404 Kavala ), superbly situated just five minutes from the centre of Kavala, on the end of the small cape of Kalamitsa and overlooking the sea{ Tel.+(30) 2510-2428300-5, Fax; .+(30) 2510-24250,,}

The Conference will start at 18.00 on Thursday 20th of July 2006 in the Conference Hall of the Lucy Hotel. It is expected that the Conference will continue until 27th of July 2006.

3. TRAVELING. To reach Kavala and the Conference venue (Hotel Lucy) one has the following options:

a. For those wishing to come to the Conference by road, with long-distance bus lines, there are following possibilities:
KTEL from Athens to Kavala. The departure from the inter-city bus terminal (100 Kifissou Str., Athens, Tel.: 210-5129407):
Departures three times a day: 7.30 am. 14.15 pm and 19.30 pm. Duration of travel is between 9 and 9.30 hours, with two stops at Lamia and Katerini, and final arrival at the KTEL station in Kavala (Chrysostomou Smyrnis Str., Tel.: 2510-222294).
Line Thessaloniki-Kavala. One can also take the bus from Thessaloniki. There are frequent departures. Information on departures can be obtained from KTEL Kavala at the Long-distance bus terminal "Makedonia" (194 Gianitson, Tel: 2310-595422. Arrival is at KTEL station in Kavala (Chrysostomou Smyrnis Str., Tel.: 2510-222294). The bus terminates in the city of Kavala, from where the participants can come to Hotel Lucy (the venue of the Conference) by taxi (approximate cost 2.50 Euro).

b. Those wishing to arrive by air should know that Kavala is connected to Athens by the Olympic Airlines and the Aegean Airlines. Flight information at: OA, Tel: 210-9666666 (regular flights at 5.10 am and 18.50 pm); Aegean Airline, Tel: 210-9988300 (one flight a day, at 12.25 or 13.00 pm). The participants should know that the Airport "Alexander the Great" is situated in Chrysoupoli and about thirty kilometers outside the city of Kavala. From there, the participants should take a taxi. If there is a group arrival of participants (15-20 persons) on the same flight, the Organising Committee will examine the possibility of transporting them by bus from the Airport "Alexander the Great" to the Conference. The participants should book their seats in time, taking into consideration the time of the beginning of the Conference, that is 18.00 pm on 20 July 2006. The Organizing Committee wishes to stress to all participants traveling to Kavala by plane, the importance of making airline reservations to and from the town in advance. To avoid difficulties, flights at this high peak tourist period should be booked in advance. Travel arrangements are the responsibility of individual participants

c. The participants coming from the islands can also come by sea (information available at the local Port Authorities).

Participants are requested to read carefully the guidelines in the travel form (Travel Form 7) and to send it to the Secretariat of the Conference.

4. ACCOMMODATION. Concerning accommodation (Form 8), a number of the Conference participants who make early applications will be able to stay at the LUCY Hotel. Hotel Lucy is about two kilometers from the centre of Kavala, it is very near the sea (50 m from the sea) and has in front two very quiet, beautiful and clean capes. Only a limited number of rooms have been reserved for the participants at the Hotel, because of the high tourist season. The participants wishing to stay at the Hotel Lucy should send the Accommodation Form (together with the Deposit of 200 Euro per room) to the Secretariat of the Conference as soon as possible (a strict order of applications for Accommodation in this Hotel will be kept).

The Invited Speakers should send only the Accommodation Form (without the Deposit). For the Accommodation Prices in Lucy Hotel please see the Accomodation Form 8. Other participants may stay at the hotels in the town of Kavala. The Organising Committee and the Manager of the Hotel Lucy will do their best to help with the hotel reservations at the town, provided that the Accommodation Form 8A and Fees are sent to the Organising Committee as early as possible.

5. EXCURSIONS. During the Conference the participants will have the opportunity to visit the following sites and great places:

a) The ancient Philippi, where in 42 B.C. took place the famous battle between Octavian Augustus and Anthony, on one side, and Bruttus and Cassius, on the other, and where the Apostle Paul established the first Christian Church on European soil and in 62-3 A.D. addressed his famous Epistle to the Philippesians.

b) The birthplace of great philosophers Leukippus, Democritus and Protagoras, the ancient Abdera. A Session is planned to take place there. In addition, the participants will have the comfort to enjoy the sea and the surroundings (Participation Form 11).

c) The magical island of Thassos in the Northern Aegean (Participation Form 12).

For the participation in these Excursions, which will, as usual, be organized at the end of the Conference, the respective Forms should be sent in time and certainly before the deadline, so that their organization be possible.

6. As the participants who have taken part in the previous Conferences of IAGP know, the Organising Committee wants (with a lot of effort and voluntary work by some members of IAGP, and with little expense) to make the participants comfortable and entertaining. That is why two entertaining events will be organized (Beach Party or Greek Evening, and Gala Dinner), to which the participants are kindly requested to take part, for as Democritus says "uncelebrated life is like a long trip without rest " (Form 9 and Form 10). Thus, we anticipate two wonderful evenings.

7. Those who are participating in the Conference for the first time should know that Sessions are held from 8.00 or 9.00 am to 13.00 pm, and from 17.00 pm to 20.00 pm. During the afternoon break the Participants may enjoy the sea and the sandy beach in front of the Hotel, only 50 meters from the Conference Hall.

8. With regard to the other events that may take place during the Conference, participants will be informed on arrival in KAVALA.

They will also receive the full Conference Programme (which is almost a printed book of approximately 100 pages) during the registration, on the first day of the Conference.

9. The Organizing Committee would like to use this opportunity to draw the attention of all participants to the fact that, due to the obligations and responsibilities already undertaken by the Committee, any cancellation of participation that comes after May 2006 creates tremendous organizational and financial problems to the Conference. The Committee would, therefore, like to kindly appeal to participants to bear that fact in mind and, if any changes be in order, to notify the Organizing Committee as soon as possible, most preferably not later than May 30th 2006.

10. Concerning the events at the Conference, participants are kindly requested to attend all the Conference proceedings and contribute through their presence to the creation of a true academic dialogue and the kind of warm atmosphere and friendly communication that are part of the aims of the Conferences organised by the International Association for Greek Philosophy (IAGP) and the International Center for Greek Philosophy and Culture (ICOGPC). This is a small sacrifice for the good of the Conference which may thus become the start of a course to a more fulfilling life.

Once again in anticipation of a very good and enjoyable Conference in a civilised, intellectual and pleasant environment, we look forward to seeing you in KAVALA, in the beautiful town of our Macedonia.

Any correspondence related to the Conference should be sent to the following address:

Professor Konstantine Boudouris
President of the Organising Committee
of the 18th International Conference of Philosophy
5 Simonidou Str.
17456 Alimos-Athens-Greece

With kind regards
Professor Konstantine Boudouris
President of the Organising Committee


Forms: No. 6, No. 7, No. 8, No. 8A, No. 9, No. 10, No. 11, No. 12