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The Conference will take place in Greece in August (20th to 30th) on the Aegean island of Kos.

The Conference will have the following aims:

  1. To examine the relationship between philosophy and medicine in Greek thought from Pre-Socratic philosophy to the present (Pre-Socratic, Classical, Hellenistic, Byzantine and modern Greek Philosophy). The conference will explore the theoretical and operational hypotheses and principles common to philosophy and medicine as scientific endeavours.
  2. To examine theories and principles that can help us to formulate, in a modern context, a value - system that meaningfully and appropriately addresses questions of health, disease and therapy, and the relationship between ourselves and the environment.
  3. To develop a context for a dialogue between the theories of ancient medicine and philosophy and modern medical problems that call for philosophical consideration. The purpose is to hopefully pose problems and seek solutions that will be of benefit to all in this critical period where rapid advances in medical technology call for corresponding advances in theoretical conceptions of human life, health and well-being.

The Conference is consequently open to all those concerned with philosophy, medical theory and practice, specialists in Greek philosophy and Greek medical thought, depth psychologists, and theorists in psycho-analysis, history of Greek medicine, contemporary philosophy of medicine and medical ethics.

The main subject areas of the Conference are likely to be the following:

    1. Early Greek Philosophy and Medicine.The Hippocratic Corpus. The Hippocratic Oath and its contemporary relevance.
    2. Classical Greek Philosophy and Medicine.
    3. Hellenistic Philosophy and medical theories.
    4. Byzantine, Post - Byzantine and Modern Greek Philosophy and Medicine.
    1. The relationship of Medicine and Philosophy.
    2. Physical and mental health in Greek Thought and the modern world.
    3. The Ethics of medical practice in classical and post-classical Greece and the contemporary world.
    4. The influence of medical theories on classical Greek ethical and political speculation and on the philosophy of psychology.
    5. From Plato to Freud: Philosophy and psychoanalysis.
    6. Classical Greek concepts of the individual and contemporary debates in medical ethics and bioethics.

Participation will be one of the following kinds:

  1. The presentation (approx. ten) of original academic Papers of 30 mins. duration, i.e. a maximum of ten typed pages, double-spaced, and page coverage 16 x 20.
  2. b. The presentation of original academic Papers of 20 mins. duration, i.e. a maximum of seven typed pages, double-spaced, and page coverage 16 x 20.

The Papers in the first category will be in the form of a penetrating outline of the problems, an evaluation of the research undertaken in connection with the subject and the systematic examination of current philosophical problems concerning medical theory and practice and the relationship of philosophy to medicine in Greek thought and the contemporary world.

Papers in this category will be assigned by the Organising Committee to Invited Speakers who should express their interest promptly and state their preferences concerning the topic they wish to deal with, sending all the necessary information ( a detailed Curriculum Vitae and an Abstract of their paper) to the Organising Committee.

The texts to be read at the Conference in their final form should be typed on disk 3.5 and on an Apple computer (Software MS Word 4.0 and upward and in GR Times font or equivalent ) or in Word 6.0 for Windows (saved as TEXT - ASCII or RFT) with page coverage 18 x 12. Fuller texts of the above Papers (15-20 pages) of both categories (a and b) will be considered for publication in the Conference Proceedings.

Texts in their final form for publication must be on disk in accordance with the specifications above[see also FORM No 7] .The disks (3.5) should be sent, together with one printed hard copy of the Paper, to the IAGP. Texts in their final form for publication must be submitted at the latest by the end of September 1997.

The Conference is, of course, open to anyone (Greek or not) who wishes to attend, provided that he or she contacts the Organising Committee and completes the necessary forms (nos 1, 2, and 3 ) and pays the Conference fee. Similarly, persons accompanying participants should also complete the forms and pay the Conference fee specified in PARTICIPATION form No 3.

The official languages at the Conference will be Greek, English, French and German. However, given the burden of costs, of the four only Greek and English will have the benefit of simultaneous translation into the other. Greeks who present Papers are kindly asked to submit an acceptable English translation of their Papers which will be read at the Conference. This should be submitted to the Conference Secretary one month before the opening of the Conference.

Applications for all kinds of participation must be received by: 30 December 1996.

Applications should be made on PARTICIPATION FORM No 1.

PARTICIPATION FORM No. 2 should be sent no later than : 28 February 1997.

PARTICIPATION FORM No. 2 should be accompanied by an Abstract of the Paper to be presented together with an English translation in the case of Greek scholars.

The full text of the Paper (two copies) should be sent to the Organising Committee by: 30 May 1997.

During the Conference, there will be an EXHIBITION OF BOOKS ON PHILOSOPHY AND MEDICINE. Authors of books, particularly those connected with the topic of the Conference, are kindly requested to send copies of their books so these may be included in the exhibition (FORM No. 8 ).

Participants wishing to be included as Invited Speakers should send the texts of their Papers to the Conference Secretariat by: 15 March 1997.

All participants will be notified by March 1997 concerning the form of their participation in the Conference.

The Organising Committee hopes to be able to cover the cost of board and accommodation for Invited Speakers during the Conference. However, the Organising Committee reserves the right to provide up to 30 min. of speaking time to members of the Conference whose expenses will not be covered as Invited Speakers. Moreover, in keeping with a standard principle of the IAGP, every endeavour will be made to ease the financial burden of Speakers at the Conference.

Further details concerning the organisation of the Conference will be given in the next Circular, which will be sent to all those expressing a wish to participate in the Conference and who have already sent their PARTICIPATION FORM. No 1.

Correspondence relating to the Conference should be sent to the following address:
Professor Konstantine Boudouris
President of the Organising Committee
Ninth International Conference of Greek Philosophy
5 Simonidou Str., 174 56 ALIMOS - GREECE
TEL. 01-9923281, 01-7291488 ext. 2545, FAX.01-7248979.

The two associations (SAGP and IAGP) cooperating in the organisation of the Conference will do everything possible to facilitate delegates and ensure the success of the Conference.

Persons living in North America (USA or CANADA) and who are members of the SAGP should contact its ex-President (Professor Thomas M. Robinson ) for information on any matter relating to their participation in the Conference:

Professor Thomas M. Robinson
Ex- President of SAGP
Department of Philosophy
University of Toronto
215 Huron St. 9th Floor
Toronto, Ontario, Canada M5S 1A1
Tel. 001 416-978-2824. Fax:001 416-978-8703.

In the belief that this Conference will be of great significance and present an exceptional opportunity for research and reflection on aspects of a subject that is of particular relevance in our technologically dominated age, we hope that holding the Conference in the Aegean islands of Greece, the birthplace of Philosophy and especially on the island of Kos, the birthplace of Hippocrates, will provide participants with an opportunity for true recreation and uplifting of the spirit.

With kind regards
Professor Konstantine Boudouris
President of the Organising Committee


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