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Philhellenic Perspective is a journal written by a philhellene - someone who 'loves Greece' and its history, culture and beauty.

Such love is not always uncritical, but always sympathetic. Greece is a hard country to learn about in the United States; I started this journal to share my love of Greece with others and to help the process of spreading information about Greece. In the issues of the journal you can find information on web sites, books and other resources about Greece. You've find essays on parts of Greece and some practical travel help as well.

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Philhellenic Perspective is a monthly internet publication created by John P. Nordin who is solely responsible for its contents.

You may reproduce this material, in whole or in part provided you provide proper acknowledgement of the source, and you do not distort or alter the content in any way.

Send questions, comments, support, ideas, etc. I will assume I can quote you in a subsequent issue unless you tell me. If you think I am amazingly ignorant on some aspect of Greek affairs, then you are the sort of person who needs to write an article for this journal. If you publish material about Greece, please send me some so I can review it. Have a question about Greece? Want some travel advice? Please take a look at my Greek web site or feel free to e-mail me for consultation.

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