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Resume or c.v. (curriculum vitae) is an individual's short biography focusing on educational background, skills and accomplishments. It is usually furnished to prospective employers or co-workers.

The HRI Resume Book Web Pages are designed to serve two purposes:

1. to collect information about individuals in search of a job; If you would like to post your resume, please follow the instructions and fill out a form that covers most aspects of one's career.

N.B. You should select the short form to update a resume entered at an earlier time.

2. to make information on existing human resources available to prospective employers; If your company or institution is in need of employees with specific training, you can search through the Resume Book to find appropriately qualified candidates.

Background information on the Resume Book as well as the objectives of the Hellenic Resources Institute (HRI) can help you put this project in perspective. You may also browse through the tentative list of companies that have expressed interest in the project.

You are more than welcome to provide feedback by sending electronic mail to resume@hri.org or by completing an on-line contact form.

[! Disclaimer !] Please, keep in mind that the HR-Net Resume Book is not a career center or employment agency and cannot guarantee securing any jobs. Promising candidates should expect to be contacted directly by interested companies.

This section is complemented by the HR-Net Employment Opportunities page where a variety of job openings are posted and links to other sites with job postings are provided.