Resolutions adopted by the Parliamentary Assembly


on humanitarian aid to the distressed populations in Cyprus

The Assembly,

  1. Gravely concerned at the consequences of the recent conflicts in Cyprus, and in particular by the very large number of persons who have been made homeless or lost their livelihoods;
  2. Considering that the loss of the harvest and dislocation of the economy threaten to prolong for many months the crisis in essential supplies while the fighting and displacement of the population have created a serious problem of shelter and housing, and a crisis in the employment situation;
  3. Expressing its satisfaction at the emergency operation being carried out by the International Committee of the Red Cross and the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees;
  4. Noting that Council of Europe member states have so far provided the most substantial pledges of support for this work;
  5. Welcoming the setting up by the Council of Europe of an emergency fund to receive financial contribution from member governments to support the work of immediate relief;
  6. Convinced that the Council of Europe is morally obliged to play a prominent part in all aspects of reconstruction in Cyprus;
  7. Recognising that the putting into practice of this reconstruction must await the reestablishment of a certain degree of stability and orderly administration;
  8. Emphasising nevertheless that the planning and financial operations entailed by any scheme for reconstruction must be undertaken immediately;
  9. Stressing that any aid or assistance must above all be such as to benefit effectively all those in need irrespective of their community or ethnic group;
  10. Recommends that the Committee of Ministers:
  11. invite member governments, as regards immediate aid to the distressed populations in Cyprus, to make substantial financial contributions as soon as possible to the Council of Europe emergency fund set up by the Committee of Ministers and to support the humanitarian work being carried out by the International Committee of the Red Cross and by the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees who is acting as coordinator of UN humanitarian aid;
  12. begin immediately to work out, with the help of the Special Representative of the Council of Europe for National Refugees and Over-Population a medium -and long-term aid plan to facilitate reconstruction and development in regions which have suffered as a result of the fighting;
  13. invite member governments to undertake to put into effect the plan mentioned in paragraph b. in particular by providing the Special Representative of the Council of Europe each year, from 1975 to 1978, with an outright contribution, the equivalent of at least one tenth of each member state's contribution to the Council of Europe budget;
  14. invite the Special Representative of the Council of Europe to request the Resettlement Fund to grant long-term low-interest loans to the Cypriot populations;
  15. make regular progress reports to the Assembly on the programme of medium- and longterm aid.

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