Resolutions adopted by the Parliamentary Assembly


on the situation in Cyprus

The Assembly,

  1. Having regard to its Recommendation 734 of 29 July on the situation in Cyprus and the Eastern Mediterranean area;
  2. Welcoming the decision in principle to grant humanitarian aid to Cyprus, taken by the Committee of Ministers of 22 August 1974;
  3. Having regard to the report of its Political Affairs Committee on the situation in Cyprus (Doc. 3489);
  4. Recommends that the Committee of Ministers:
  5. immediately supply humanitarian aid to alleviate the suffering of the Cypriot population both Greek and Turkish, due to the recent and earlier tragic events on the island;
  6. take a decision in principle on economic aid calculated to contribute to the developments of the island for the benefit of each of its ethnic communities;
  7. make every effort in order:
  8. to facilitate the current direct talks between the leaders of the Greek and Turkish Cypriot communities;
  9. to foster the attempts by the Cypriot leaders to arrive, through the inter-community negotiations, at a preliminary agreement on a future political settlement between the two communities, which would be a new basis for a conference of the three guarantor states together with the representatives of the two communities;
  10. to help the population of Cyprus, Greek as well as Turkish to live as citizens of an independent republic, complying with the international obligations deriving from the treaties on the Republic of Cyprus.

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