Resolutions adopted by the Parliamentary Assembly


on the situation in Cyprus and in the Eastern Mediterranean area

The Assembly,

  1. Recalling its Resolution 573;
  2. Believing that member governments have an urgent duty, in the light of the political ideals enshrined in the Statute, to make a collective contribution to the solution of the Cyprus problem;
  3. Recommends that the Committee of Ministers:
  4. include this question as well as the situation in Greece on the agenda of its next session;
  5. make use of the proposal concerning the procedure to follow in case of crises, submitted by the President of the Parliamentary Assembly, Mr. Vedovato, during the meeting of the Joint Committee in January 1974, and facilitate a meeting of the Joint Committee at Ministers' level as soon as possible in order to examine the problems created by the recent Cyprus conflict;
  6. Recommends that the Committee of Ministers invite the member governments, in the light of Resolution (54) 16 of the Committee of Ministers, to keep the Secretary General informed of initiatives they take in other international organisations on matters of direct concern to the Council of Europe.

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