The European Parliament of the European Union.

on developments in the Turkish-occupied section of Northern Cyprus

The European Parliament,

  1. whereas the Republic of Cyprus is a State in association with the European Economic Community,
  2. whereas in its resolution of 17 November 19831 it condemned 'the action of the Turkish Cypriots in proclaiming an independent Turkish-Cypriot state on the island of Cyprus',
  3. having received reports of the latest successive illegal acts of the Turkish-Cypriot leadership: (a) the 'referendum' of 5 May 1985; (b) the 'presidential elections' on 9 June 1985; and (c) the 'parliamentary elections' of 23 June 1985,
  4. pointing to the declaration on this matter by Foreign Ministers of the Ten in Stresa, Italy on 10 June 1985, in which they stress that 'they do not recognize the "Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus", that they do not, therefore, recognize any alleged "constitutional developments" in Northern Cyprus and that 'the Ten' wish for a just and lasting solution to the Cyprus problem, through the good offices of the UN Secretary-General and on the basis of the UN resolutions,
  5. having regard to the Brussels declaration of 21 June 1985 by the Political Affairs Committee of the European Parliament,
  6. whereas a fresh initiative for solving the Cyprus problem is being worked out by the UN Secretary-General, Mr. Perez de Cuellar,
  7. desiring a just and lasting settlement of the Cyprus problem on the basis of the UN General Assembly and Security Council resolutions,
  8. Condemns these actions (the 'referendum', the 'presidential elections' and the 'parliamentary elections') in the Turkish-occupied section of Northern Cyprus as illegal and an obstacle to the efforts of the UN Secretary-General to put forward his good offices;
  9. Calls on the sides to cooperate with the UN Secretary-General for a just and lasting solution of the Cyprus problem;
  10. Calls on the Foreign Ministers (Meeting in Political Cooperation) to contribute actively to the achievement of that objective;
  11. Instructs its President to forward this resolution to the governments of the Republic of Cyprus and of Turkey, the Foreign Ministers of the Ten Meeting in Political Cooperation and the Secretary-General of the United Nations.

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