The European Parliament of the European Union.

RESOLUTION 13.6.1985
on the case of Katerina and Vassilis Nicola

The European Parliament,

  1. having regard to the UK Government's policy on the issue of Cypriot refugees,
  2. having especial regard to the case of Katerina and Vassilis Nicola who lost their home in the Northern sector of Cyprus when Turkish troops invaded the island in 1974, and who cannot return there,
  3. concerned that the UK Government has issued Katerina and Vassilis Nicola with a deportation order,
  4. whereas Katerina and Vassilis Nicola have taken sanctuary from the UK Government in a London church.
  5. concerned that the UK Government's 1982 Concessionary Policy regarding the status of Cypriot refugees, which grants indefinite leave to remain in the UK to 600 Cypriots who fall within the Home Office's definition of displaced persons, does NOT apply to those Cypriot refugees who did not enter the UK immediately after the 1974 war, but lived in refugee camps waiting for the outcome of the war crisis prior to coming to the UK,
  6. concerned that the fewer than 50 Cypriots who fall outside the 1982 government's definition of displaced persons and have remained in the UK are treated as illegal immigrants and are facing deportation,
  7. Asks that:

(a) the 1982 Concessionary Policy be widened to embrace all the remaining Cypriot refugees in the UK,

(b) the UK Government re-open the case of Katerina and Vassilis Nicola and withdraw forthwith the deportation order against them, and that they may be granted the status of refugees and given indefinite leave to stay in the UK,

(c) the UK Government stop all deportations and grant indefinite leave to stay in the UK to all remaining Cypriot refugees living in the UK,

2. Instructs its President to forward this resolution to the Commission and Council and the governments of the Member States.


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