About Us
GAWN began in 1990 when a group of Greek American women from various geographic locations and diverse walks of life met at a conference called Women, Ethnicity and Change. It was there that they realized that they were the only ethnic group at the conference that had no women's network. Seven women from California, New York and Virginia made a decision and a commitment and founded the GREEK AMERICAN WOMEN'S NETWORK. After five years, GAWN's membership has grown to over 450 women across America, Canada and Greece. New members join each week. The headquarters are in New York City. Members in other locations who want to form chapters in order to network are urged to contact our headquarters or any GAWN officer. We will guide you in establishing your chapter.

We believe that a Greek American Women's Network is necessary. Networking is imperative in today's rapidly changing society. Contacts and shared information can reduce the need for an individual woman to reinvent the wheel. The prevalence of ethnic women's networking groups suggests that individuals are drawn to others with whom they share a common universe based on similar ethnic experiences. It is precisely this sharing which forms the crux of networking.

We owe it to ourselves and our daughters to link with women of similar heritage who will provide support in the process of cultivating our lives. We perpetuate and celebrate the success that so many Greek American women have set in motion.

Stacey Nicholas, President
Susan Spedelle, Vice President
Katherine R. Boulukos, Secretary
Angela Geras, Treasurer

Throughout the year GAWN holds special meetings and conferences designed to promote education and quality of life among Greek American women. Each year GAWN invites Greek American professionals to speak in their area of expertise. This year's speakers included: Barbara Hristakis, President TIM PLANNERS on "Mastering Time Management"; Julia Rellou, CFP, Vice President, CHASE BANK, on "Women and Wealth;" Dr. Ellen Manos, Gynecologist on "Current Topics in Women's Health." One of the centerpieces of GAWN membership is the memberships directory which lists the titles and contact information of Greek American women professionals all over the country. The monthly newsletter and meetings offer information on news and events. The GAWN Annual Conference gives women the opportunity to speak and to attend sessions of special interest from empowerment and networking to creativity and leadership skills.

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